Blog’a’boredom – February 2013 – January 2015 Speedround


1. Got engage – Yay! *she said yes!*

note: i can’t use the term lonewolf anymore right? >_<

2. Life as usual – keep in touch with friends. few got married, having kids – congrats!

3. Work as usual – change role from tech guy to sales-tech guy

4. Got married – Yay! *good luck marrying a goofball like me. lewl*

5. Moved to new house – Yay!

6. Life as usual – keep in touch with friends. lost a few. i guess that is life. people come, people go – no matter how hard you try to keep them around. hopefully along the way, we can still kept in touch.

7. Work as usual – this sales-tech thing is hard. forward!

8. Mrs. Azhar get preggy – Yay! *nervous*

9. Azhar Jr. was born – Yay! *super excited*

10. Now we are here.

enough about me. how you’ll doing? =)


Blog’a’boredom – Life

Hi again~

Let this be a quick one. Think about it and post in comments:

What if, one day, when you go through all your personal belongings – as you see all past memories encapsulate in pictures, diaries and notes – you saw one thick book. blank cover. nothing written on it. You try hard to remember what is this book are for. You open the first page. A well calligraphic word “LIFE” written at the middle of the page. Second page – a simple signature, again at the very middle of that page. You know it’s yours. Although it’s not truly the same. The pages, are yellow brownish. Well, that is how novel/book page’s will eventually turn out to be. Some moist and heat will do that to papers.

Now you start to read the prologue. As you gone through words by words, sentence by sentence you become hooked to it. Now you are on the next chapter; and that fascinate you even more. As you are reading the untitled book, with 30 minutes has passed, you realize something. Not how much time has passed and how good this book is, but on how it reflect in YOUR life. You move to the next chapter, one after another. The main character’s first day at school, first true friends where he/she plays together, grow up together, up’s and down’s in life. All in this book. The main character’s name are different from yours. All other character’s name are different. Even all the places mentioned in there, are all different which some of it, you never heard of before. But somehow, the story line is all the same to yours in all aspect.

While your thought process try to sort that out, all the past memories came to life. All the pictures, diary and notes you found before; made alot of sense. We all know how some part of our past life didn’t made sense now. We’ll be like: “Why i even bother with him/her”, “Am I that stupid, clueless back then” and “Hah. i USED TO hang out and do silly thing with my best buds..”Even our decision, some of it are confidently and unshakably made back then but to think about it now, we are sometime to naive and blind to see the clearer picture. Out of nowhere, a single tiers came out. You wipe it out. You know, that is for the past you can’t change and already shape who you are today.

And now, you are on the new chapter of the un-named book. You also realize there’s paper bookmark on that page.

The Best Thing About The Future Is That It Comes One Day At A Time

As you read the quotes, written on the bookmark – your eyes now diverted to a text. Headline of that chapter:

Present Day

You place the bookmark back to it’s place. Read the first few lines that express how the main character has developed over the years and how he/she has become today. It didn’t write the main character’s name, it just doesn’t. Which now turns out to be like reading your own biography.

With all the mixed feelings of revisiting the past, and fascination of how perfectly placed word this book turn out to be so far picturing the present – you stopped. Close the book, and stare at the blank cover. What will happen next? To the main character? Will this book reveal what is at the end of the rainbow? Is the grass really greener on the other side? Will the main character ever break away from his/her past?

But the most important question now: is this book really about your LIFE? and if it is, would you read it to the end?

New Year 2013!

Hi earthlings!

I have skipped 2012 almost entirely (blog entry wise). I’m still here – kicking it (believe it or not). No new year’s resolution tho’. The way i look at it, year change are no more or less (most of the part is less) then a calendar change. so what if 365 days per year has ended. right? the most important thing is what has been done and what can be done better for days to come.

i’m gonna blast 2013 wide open, just like i did every single year. 2011-2012 was an excited yet plain out boring at the same time (don’t ask me on how that even possible), but i have made a promise to myself – 2013 will be different.

Until next time fellas. Keep on stalking (eh?)

Best regards,
Azhar Radzi

Blog’a’boredom – Friendster’s Rebranding Edition

Hi all,

As we all know (and probably not or didn’t bother to) one of the earliest social network Friendster has been rebrand to an internet gaming portal. Which means that Good Bye Comments, Pictures and Shoutouts – Welcome Flash-enabled-Java-based Games!

Friendster is bound to fail. Its the circle of (internet) life i guess. You are here, You are new, You got the hype, You are on top of the internet superhighway, then later on crash and burn. Do we even bother? Naahh. Just like other this in life (mostly) we embrace it, we love it, and we forget. But anywho, it a good run – u (friendster) and me. Introduced by my EX, when i was in matriculation (can’t remember which year already – 1974?). She told me did i have an account. and she show her’s. Next thing i know, she created an account for me and the rest is history (among other things).

That bring us to another topic – i had to move my old blog ( to a new hosting as friendster wont host blog anymore. first thing of business – which host? BlogSpot or WordPress. I though of giving WordPress a go coz BlogSpot is too mainstream. haha. (i’m not a hipster – the real reason is..well..its like choosing between iOS and Android, who give a fluke right? as long as it works, and each an every media has its own uniqueness. so to pro BlogSpot (or even WordPress) u can suck it. hehe. (kidding). So i would like to welcome you guys to my humble new “home”

I think i should explain the wolf here – wolf there thingy. because some people keep asking me bout it. Until the next (lousy) post.

P/S: 10 July 2011 – a day that change the new me.

Blog’a’boredom – Five Years Later Edition

I have started this blog 5 years ago, yup..the time where some stuff happened and end (like every other year). But back then i didn’t have a clear view what’s life like. i was told it was full of lies, bad jokes and lil’ bit of sunshine (after a scorching earth rainstorm of course). yup, looking back, it still is a bad fluking joke..but hey, i didn’t complain (no even once) coz how shifty life can’s still bastard can made it worse (unless u let em do so). hold fast what you believe and prepare to defend it with your life. most of our freedom being taken in front of our eyes and nothing we can do about it, but if there’s any freedom left – guard it with your life. it’ll be worth every ounce of your breath.

second: love – hate to say this but please keep some for your self ~ no matter how promising he/she told you about your relationship. u don’t want ur soul be a pitch black empty space if destiny decide to have a major twist ending on your relationship drama won’t you? and yes, destiny have a better plot that M. Night Shyamalan’s The Six Sense “owh-i-didn’t-see-that-one-coming” ending.

a lil’ tech update; my personal computer (PC) going haywire (again). yeah.rage mode off today sebab headache. 2 hari dalam data center yg sangat (sangat) sejuk. 20 degree Celsius. lucky tomorrow didn’t have to go there, since job are almost done. but got technical meeting tomorrow somewhere else. damnit! with this kind of headache i don’t think i can do a infrastructure pre-implementation discussion/meeting. the proposed environment is mind aching as it is..sometimes we just have do what we have to do..right?

next week – Ramadhan Al Mubaraq. i wish you guys out there happy fasting. make sure u fully utilize the time you had. its getting old to skip puasa just because “i didn’t sahur“. lame guys. PUASA LA.liat betul kan nak puasa. heee~ owh and, before i forgot – please bayar zakat fitrah. stop asking your parents to pay it for you! iPuke, SonyErieksyen, Blackburial, & [put any for wheeler here] boleh beli, takkan zakat RM7 takleh nak bayar.

P/s: dare myself to move

LonewoLF: last chance~

Blog’a’boredom – On the Road Edition


No specific rant for the masses this week. Boring life (not that surprise huh?) of mine. And this is more (or less) a personal entry. (Like all other entry) You can skip pass this one.

1. Last week, drive balik kampung. Motip? saja. bila lagi kan. masa2 tak sibuk ujung minggu la dapat balik kampung. Nanti dah bz banyak alasan lak.

2. Nothing much at my hometown. Too lazy to hangout. Just chilling at home. Eating, sleeping and lepak. Heaven.

3. One thing i realize tho’, if you have a buttload of work back at KL, and u try to chill on the just wont work (for me). Maybe subconsciously my mind keep remind my body that “hey,  u got lot to do ya know, u’ll be staying up all night like always, u rili thing u can relax now?”. So i end up sulking the whole weekend. You win again subconscious me.

4. Sunday, time to go back to the sin city. But first, need to drive my lil’ brother back to his college.

5. My father’s land speed record from rumah to college is 2 hours. 1.5 hours are achievable by right. Mine? it takes EXACTLY 2 hours. with speed around 80-100kmph.

6. Traffic jem! KMNS to K.Pilah border (1 hour!). I don’t know where all this vehicle came from. This is one of the heaviest traffic i face since SMART tunnel flood (cant remember the dates already). Senawang-Seremban (via Plus) another heavy traffic. Seriously guys, WTH?! its not even public holiday? I decided to use ELITE-NKVE instead of exiting PLUS Sg. Besi.

7. Tired! arghhhh! my back is like..killing me..TWICE!

8. Total petrol usage (in term of price) – RM70.09 / RON95

9. Going back to hometown next two weeks. anyone care to join me? =P

P/s: and yes, my blog is basicly my shout out place to the masses on stupid arse things that happening around me + it bugging me so much i want to shoot your **** off and feed it to the fish! It may (or may not) be a regular updates (measure on my tolerances to supidity at that point of time)

LoneWoLF: you are a 7 out of 10 in the scale of dumbarse, and 9 out of 10 in smart-mouth department.

Blog’a’boredom – SWAT Style + Techlog Edition

Hello my faithful minions (terlalu banyak main VampireWars),

We have our own up and down in life. Earlier event today give me a lil’ piece of both


I have to break me room’s door because somehow i accidentally locked it. damnit! At first i was Macgyver ing my way in. one screwdriver and one unused laminated “credit card size” card. And there’s me, bertukang depan bilik, try to figure out how door lock works. While i glance through (in my head) on “how to be an a amateur theft in 30 days” manual, i realize that time is running out (not rili because im a hard headed + ill tempered jerk). So what a stupo like me will do? u know what they say “if gentle talk/diplomatic way won’t work,just force your way thru!”. I was, “ah! fluke with it! for Khaz MoDan!!!”

BLAMMMM! first try. owh, btw i do it by throwing my body (shoulder to be precise) at the door. dem that hurts (what can u expect from a skinny dude who trying to break a door.huhu). plus side, i can see the door frame at the door lock start cracking. GOOD.

BLAMMMMMMM! second try. Part of the door frame chipped off. ok,next one will be a final blow before i text my boss for an emergency leave. hehe.

BLAMMMM!!! third times a flukin charm! with aching shoulder, i continue my morning routine (mandi, iron baju, gi keje)

Note to self: buy a sledge hammer and keep it in my store room.

P/s: thanks for the help housemate.


Last weeks, i have been working to fix my pc. issue: i can’t boot into the OS after BIOS. my first troubleshoot result shows that one of the hardisk is failure. future down the line i also realize that the mobo giving me a false alarm. ram not stable, graphic card failure are one of the issues represented to my by mobo’s status LED (which is misleading!). So i just ignore all the info i get from the mobo’s LED and go to basic. Eliminate the cause one by one..first, graphic cards..looks good..i can view the bios etc. then ram..test run on random read/write using memtest shows that the ram is a-ok. proc looks fine in the it boils down to mobos, and my 3 hardisk. i plug in the hardisk one by one..and voula! my 160GB HDD that holds my OS is fried! the health test using S.M.A.R.T showing series of failure. So, i plug in the rest of the HDD 640GB + 640GB. reload the OS (moving to Windows 7 from native Windows XP) and runs nicely (although one of the HDD shows 4kb of bad sector). BUT yay! i can revive my disk again. My 1st 640GB (named: 640GB) and 2nd 640GB (named: Backup) contains a lot of files..movies,games (including the new revenge of the fallen), music, tv series..u name it! i’m glad i can have it back.*fuhhh*

This prob being a pain in my arse because during my 1st troubleshoot i assume that:

1. My 640GB (which giving me 4KB of bad sector) is causing the problem. No biggie since all the files in 640GB is mirrored to my Backup HDD. But after i un-plugged the 640GB my OS still unbootable (and the mobo’s starts giving me all the crappy error), which bring me to 2nd conclusion:

2. My mobo’s is fried! dem! and mobo’s cost around RM600+ (a good, overclockable mobo’s like the one i have right now) and my funding to hobby is totally dry (just brought a new phone for office line).

3. Not until last night, i do the troubleshooting above and initially save me RM600+. yay!!

4. I still need to replace my HDD tho’ (but not critical as mobo’s issue)..that can wait..and im going for 2TB..hehe..

My special thanks to God (who gave me a lil more faith that soothe my soul..and to this tools that i have used along the way:

1. Hawk PE 4.3 – memtest, HDD health test

2. Ubuntu 10.4 (thnx Pingu)

3. Windows XP + Windows 7 (thnx Bill)

4. Knoppix 6.2 – various kick-arse tools (them germans are good.hehe)

Note to self: next purchase -> 2TB HDD -> Full Tower Chassis -> AMD3 X6 + 4GB DDR3 + AMD3 mobos -> GC

P/s: i recommend all the tools above exp #1 and #4 for pc diagnostic and troubleshooting

LoneWolf: apparently, the injury we do and the one we suffer are not weighted in the same scales

Topical Rant #2: Oh shift! Edition

Hello boys and girls, Welcome.

It being a while since my last rant, it doesnt mean that there’s no bulshity event that pisses me off. As the matter of fact, everyday is like “i-want-to-be-stupid-and-fluke-someone else’s” day. Dont u just plain hate when there’s people out there that didnt past their puberty eventho they already reach like 20ish? Talking about maturity eh?

Kembali kepada topik (anon: bab1! mana ada topik en lonewolf. LW: skjap la!). Aku perasan kebanyakkan orang sibuk whine an bitching about what other people say (or even do) behind his/her back.

Soalan: adakah apa yang dia cakap tu membuatkan korang tak boleh hidup? or korang rasa somehow it is a life changing thing? Adakah kerana Exibit A mengumpat korang rasa “oh shift! dia cakap aku jahat, somehow aku jahat and aku rasa sedih and aku rasa macam life tidak berguna lagi and life is no more…good bye sweet world….”

Jawapan aku:

1. word is just a word. people use it to send message (i repeat “message”. its not a “fact”).

2. people with brain (i need to clarify the brain part so to be clear) will interpreted “message” and dig deep to find out either it is true or not.

3. if you are in a society where people accept any word coming out of someone’s mount as a “fact” without finding out the truth behind it then i strongly suggest u to get the fluke of that society. that kind of environment may kill your brain cells and in today’s fast pace world, you’ll need all your brain cell to do more important thinking..u know..instead of embracing pop culture like it was some sort of religion (more on this later)

4.if somehow people ask you about things that they heard..try this..explain to them as minimal as u can..for instance (anon: “wey aku dengar ko gay, betul ke?” LW: “oh rili.tak lah.ko rasa?”)..your friend will either take it as an answer or they will expand the question. at this point: you can either layankan that question or matikan at that. there u will see the true color your friends. if your friend said: “nah..i know u didn’t do that” then congrats, u have a friend that rili knows inside out. and (as a friend) u should know if they rili honest about it. To test that: ask them “who tell you so?”. a good friend should told you who’s the jackass is. your friend should trust you. and you should do the same. me? i wont explain much about thing that i think a friend should understand. if u feel like “eh dia ni betul ke ckp dia percaya aku tak macam tu”, then he/she is not your friend. he/she’s just someone that are around you a.k.a part of your society.

5. people this days can’t separate friends and people around them. just because u spend 3 years in a same dorm room doesn’t mean he/she is your friends. he/she is your dorm-mate. same goes to officemate, housemate etc.

6. even that bastard goes to war with you, share a bunker and foxholes, eat the same chow, or take a bullet for you. THAT DOESN’T MEAN HIS YOUR FRIEND. (that would be called “Brothers in Arms”)

7. bottom line, stop bitching about all the rumors that being made about u. IT WON’T KILL YOU. IT JUST fluking WON’T, NO MATTER HOW CRAZY THE RUMORS GOES. if people are to stupid to differentiate between rumors and fact that you can give them a big “fluke you” and live your life. Its not your fault people are stupid, some of them didn’t bother +1 their ways of thinking. Let them be. If evolution theory taught us something, it will be “un-evolved stupid+retarted fluke will fade of from the face of the earth”. See, even mother earth don’t want them.

P/s: YOU are better then THEM. Just because someone said something stupid, doesn’t meant that you need to go down to their level.

LoneWoLF: changing something about my life. its a biggie. i’ll see who’s with me, who’s not and with me for what reason.

Blog’a’boredom – Breakfastilicious Edition

Aku lapar…~ Fuuuuuuu~

Jom pekena teh tarik..any takers? Kat rumah tadi ada cereal dgn susu tp haram. harap je bangun pagi. gerak mcm sloth mana nak breakfast. Tu la tabiat aku pagi2..bangun la pkl bape pn..tetap gerak pkl 8:45..pagi tadi tak leh awal lagi dah pkl 5:30..cookie btl lah..

Jap lagi tengahari nak gi site..harap2 nye suma ok..

P/s: host power steering SE aku leaking ke hah? asyik kena topup je..jenguk bwh kete takde bocor flying spaghetti minum minyak tu.demm!

Lonewolf said: u just didn’t get it don’t you? continue being stupo for all i care~

Facts & Figures #1 – AzhaRadzi @ LoneWoLF

#01. AzhaRadzi – real name Mohd Azhar bin Mohd Radzi. not Azhar Radzi bin..

#02. Lonewolf – scout nickname. eventually my online game nick.

#03. 2x tuka no phone – previously 0197634023 from PLKN -> Matriculation -> UKM (1st sem). now 01723XXXXX

#04. 1 year matriculation – Kolej MARA Kulim

#05. 3 years degree – Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

#06. A109854 – FTSM Student ID. now alumni ID.

#07. J** 4909 – My Scoot (Blacky) & 4-Wheeler (SE)

#08. 1 year, 11 months (and ongoing) – working experience in IT field (technical network, SAN, NAS, security)

#09. Joker + Skeptical + Liberal + Open minded (totally about anything)

#10. Black Sheep of Radzi’s family (fo’ real)

#11. Needs “how to have a social life for dummies”. Shifty in social life @ Social Freak. DAMNIT!

#12. Will bored you in the first 15 minutes of conversation.

#13. There’s time i’ll be in complete radio silence.

#14. Believe to have less than 20 friends. (“i will kick your ass until to think straight” kinda friends)

#15. That 20 friends (refer #14) willingly go down to my level (when with me of course) and take my stupid+boring ass life into light..although they can easily find much cooler friends.

#16. Number of ex(s)?  = one

#17. Loves (any) tech gadget(s) so freaking much.

#18. Gadgets that i love (currently owned – not in chronological order) – O2 XDA IIs, SE W350i, SE K630i, AMD system (Spyder setup), fully modded Playstation 2 + XBOX, “sendal pintu” Nokia 3650 (1st phone brought).

#19. Weight? (damn!) = +/- 50 kg

#20. Fav number? = 9 (nine)

#21. Sexual preferences = straight (not gay despite of popular believe..hehe)

#22. I do curse alot (not out loud tho’..if you see me go on silence mode for 5sec after an incident, i would probably cursing the hell out in my head)

#23. Slowpoke driver (100kmph on scoot is like “demmmmmmmmmmm im fast…weeeeeeeeeee”..for everyone else..100kmph? wahaha)

#24. Can turn from “12 yold kid” to “35 yold father” in 4.2 sec (according to topic of conversation / current situation)

Thats all for now folks. Take this as a my 24th birthday gift + endless curse. Mihahaha.

Until next retarded blog post.

P/s: no john, u just need to learn to shut the fluke up!